Soupcan Collection

TAVAT launches new collection "SoupCan"
A completely different way of looking at eyewear
In an era where it’s truly difficult to invent anything new in eyewear, TAVAT is launching the first 4 models: SoupCan - Round and Panto finished in metal, and also in a combination version with acetate eye-rims. Each style is made with great attention to detail by Italian Craftsmen, in Northern Italy.

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While TAVATís Designer, Norm was visiting a friend in Arizona, who constructs and races planes, he noticed an old poster on a hangar wall, advertising a group of crop sprayers, back in the Ď30s, who got together on weekends to give airshows, calling ...
Forget the traditional methods of manufacturing: TAVAT completely bypassed all of those norms and standards and sought out the true eyewear artisans to bring something revolutionary.
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Eyewear crafted by artisans while incorporating modern materials and timeless design. Our creative heart is set in the hills of Pasadena, CA. while our skilled optical craftsmen create in the foothills of the Dolomites in Northern Italy.
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