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TAVAT’s sunglass collection AIRMAN is a study of the best performance eyewear for pilots with regards to both lenses and frames. TAVAT strived to create a product for pilots which meet their unique requirements and our testimonials, obtained from real professional pilots, support our efforts.Our Airman frames feature our iconic EX-CAM patented and trademarked EX-CAM hinge which continues to perform without noticeable wear or loss of performance. The frames, featuring our signature bayonet temples, slide comfortably under a helmet and/or headphones for a perfect fit allowing ideal comfort for long hauls. We have equipped our Italian Made frames with melanin lenses which help improve the definition of natural colours by enhancing contrast and allowing sharp vision of details.

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For its airman collection, TAVAT has engineered and developed the Ex-Cam hinge which is featured throughout our performance eyewear line for a cohesive look. Originally designed by Norman Schureman...
airman Makrolon lenses have Melanin incorporated into the lens material which protects the retina, enhances optical definition, and reduces damage to the skin around the eyes. They are hard-coated, offer 100% UV protection, while blocking up to 97% of ...
Pilot Testimonial
TAVAT is committed in bringing studied technical solutions to meet the exacting demands of pilots. TAVAT uses honest testimonials from real pilots who truly believe in the benefits our frame and lenses have to offer.
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