Airman Design


  Simplicity & Functionality

For its airman collection, TAVAT has engineered and developed the Ex-Cam hinge which is featured throughout our performance eyewear line for a cohesive look. Originally designed by Norman Schureman, this hinge incorporates his philosophy of combining functionality with simplicity, and has been both patented and trademarked. TAVAT has received international recognition and was even nominated for the 2010 Silmo d’Or in Paris.

TAVAT’s airman Sunglasses are designed to fit perfectly and meet the performance needs of Pilots and anyone else who appreciates comfort, protection and high-definition viewing offered by our melanin lenses.

Our bayonet temples give an original touch to the classic style of our airman frames. They are manufactured with medical stainless steel and fit comfortably with extended daily wear as well as with headphones or under a helmet.


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