Airman Lens Technology

TLT: Melanin             


TAVAT is making aviation history by meeting the exacting demands of pilots and offering them frames, which fit under almost any condition comfortably, and "State of the Art" lenses. 

All Airman “State-of-the-Art” Melanin lenses are made from unbreakable Makrolon polycarbonate. 

TAVAT combines their TLT: Melanin lenses with the addition of our PLUS treatments which keep the lens from grease and dirt build-up and allows for easy cleaning.

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Why are TAVAT's TLT: Melanin + lenses the best choice for pilots?

At high altitudes pilots are exposed to immense amounts of blue light which is not blocked by the windshield nor the atmosphere and yet causes serious harm to the retina and ages the skin around the eyes. Glare is frequently caused by blue-light scatter and an effective blue-light filter can reduce visible haze as well as protect the retina.

TAVAT has chosen these sun lenses which contain manufactured melanin for our Airman lens. They act the same way as natural melanin, just like a shield against harmful UV and HEV light, which also means preserving the retina's health.

TAVAT's "airman lenses" block 100% of UV and up-to 97% of this dangerous violet-blue light while protecting and preserving the retina's health. Furthermore, lenses that filter a majority of blue light enhance contrast and allows sharp vision of details.

TLT Melanin lenses filter blue light in proportion to its harmfulness. They maintain the high-definition of natural colours and reduce glare. This is ideal for pilots due to the fact that they are operating at high elevation in the atmosphere.

These lenses are only available in polycarbonate, and are RXable to suit your independent eyewear needs, and we believe that here at TAVAT, no one should ever wear anything breakable in front of your most important instrument: your eyes.

Product: Edge II Silver / Grey Air Blue

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