25 September, 2015 - 28 September, 2015 - TAVAT in Paris @ SILMO


Come Join TAVAT in Paris @ SILMO September 25th – September 28th, 2015 


30 August, 2015 - TAVAT in Brussels @ NICHE


Come Join TAVAT in Brussels @ NICHE on the 30th of August, 2015


8 August, 2015 - TAVAT & The Guise Archives Party


Come join us for an exclusive opportunity to view the entire New TAVAT SoupCan Collection!

We will be in Los Angeles, August 8th at the Guise Archives from 1 to 5 pm

We ask you to please RSVP here:


Where: 7928 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles,CA 90046


2 February, 2015 - Cavaso del Tomba, Italy, February 2015


An Innovative Design with New Construction Completely Original & Surprisingly Wearable


9 January, 2015 - 09 - 11 January 2015, TAVAT Eyewear Trade Show Invitation


Happy New Year ! We are kicking the year off right by exhibiting @ Opti Munich this weekend ! Come Visit Us !

18 September, 2014 - 29 September, 2014 TAVAT Eyewear Trade Show Invitation


TAVAT Eyewear is gearing up for 2 trade shows back-to-back in Las Vegas and Paris.

Be sure to visit us in Las Vegas at the exclusive Loft, showcasing in the Mandarin Oriental, from the 18th of September through the 20th | Suite 2121.  

Or check us out in Paris at the Silmo International Tradeshow from the 26th of September through the 29th | The Village – Hall 5 – C111.



28 April, 2014 - TAVAT Launches Model: Sorrento


For all Watersport Enthusiasts - TAVAT launches model: Sorrento to join their lightweight, aerodynamic collection: Maree, paired with Melanin Polarized lenses.

1 March, 2014 - TAVATíS Melanin Prescription Programme



By popular demand TAVAT introduces prescription sunglass lenses, both single vision and progressive, under the TLT Melanin Rx Programme. Taking advantage of the cutting-edge, free-form surfacing technology, TAVAT sunglasses can now be prescribed for your patients who demand the best sunglass protection incorporated into their prescription eyewear. 


TAVAT'S Free-Form Digital Technology, Allows Every Customer to  Benefit From the Following: 

·Back surface design allows wider fields of view. 

·Low distortion levels alleviate “swim & sway effect”and improve both adaption and tolerance levels. 

·Ideal for all types of outdoor activities. 

·Base 6 Corrective Technology - Suitable for a wide range of prescriptions. 

·Digitally customized lenses: its high definition for your eyes. 


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1 February, 2014 - Latest Happenings



Silmo Paris26-29 September 2013 

TAVAT had a successful tradeshow this past Silmo, receiving a positive response to the launch of TAVAT’s new “House” Collection. Please join us in MIDO and see the new product we are excited to unveil. 

TAVAT’S “House” Collection

TAVAT’s “House” Collection targets young, urban style seekers who look for an edgy twist. Each model embodies a youthful sophistication, and has a deliberate vintage feel mixed with subtle, yet distinctive, details throughout. Each frame is brought to modern times with its unique color selection, all from the Italian House of Mazzuchelli, and each sun frame is paired with TAVAT’s Melanin lenses, now available in CR39 to accommodate acetate models. 

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1 January, 2013 - Spotlight on TAVAT Dealers



The Guise Archives: Los Angeles, California USA 

Cool. Authentic. Chic. Great Customer Service. These are all common descriptors when people talk about this eyewear boutique. This one-of -a-kind eyewear shop in LA offers carefully selected eyewear and well, we love having them as one of our key US accounts. Their celebrity clientele is also tremendous, pictured here: Mad Men’s January Jones (far left) wearing TAVAT Tactile’s Bardolino. 

Optiekcuyx: Zonhoven,  Belgium

Optiek Cuyx is one of the top optical practices in Belgium, and we couldn’t help but see their enormous TAVAT poster from afar. Thank you! 

Tavat Fram Feature  

It’s summer time and even vacation time for some? We hope so! TAVAT’s Edge II combines the perfect mix of style, design, and functionality with unparallel lens protection with TAVAT’s Melanin Polar lenses. We wanted to show you some of the key features that separate this metal frame from all of the others. 

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1 June, 2012 - TAVAT Eyewear Enthusiastically Announces Being the Official Eyewear Sponsor for Belgian Olympic Sailing Team | July 2012


TAVAT Eyewear announced today their official partnership with VYF - VLAAMSE YACHTING FEDERATIE, Belgium’s premier Sailing Team, which is headed to the Summer Olympics, this July, in London! The races are scheduled to be held from 28 July to 11 August, 2012. 

TAVAT is honored to be the eyewear supporter for VYF as Belgium will battle against the other 62 nations. Captain Alain Lescrauwaet, will lead 8 of Belgium’s strongest sailors towards, what will hopefully amount to being Belgium’s 3rd Sailing Gold Win!

TAVAT is a new company that joins performance and design with great respect for tradition.

TAVAT’s recently launched "Marée" collection offers a line of functional, iconic eyewear dedicated to all aspects of sailing, and has been internationally recognized in being a real revolution in the performance eyewear world.

For the first time TAVAT takes into the scene, a lens that combines the advantages of POLARIZATION with those of MELANIN, by eliminating most reflected and scattered light. This results in glare reduction, enhanced contrast, and sharpened image, while protecting the eye from harmful violet-blue (HEV) light. Perfect for the best performance and protection while sailing!

In a sport that requires coordination, finesse, and sheer muscular power, TAVAT's Marée frames meet the challenge for excellence demanded by the best.  TAVAT’s Marée collection offers frames that are totally non-corrosive, aerodynamic and are all light, tough, and reliable.

Most of all, with the need for absolute hand-eye coordination, essential for optimal performance, is the addition of TAVAT’s TLT Polarized lenses infused with synthetic Melanin.  TAVAT’s Melanin Polar lenses bring all the benefits of Polarized lenses with the increased performance and enhanced definition of Melanin. Belgium's best sailors will have the advantages of excellent performance lenses with an indescribable sense of relaxed eyes, which will help with the immense concentration needed to win.

All Marée “State-of-the-Art” melanin-polarized PLUS lenses are made from unbreakable Makrolon. These lenses have 5 layers of Anti-Reflection coatings as well as a super-slick Anti-Smudge (Hydro-Oleophobic) coating which not only allows any spray or water droplets to run off immediately but stay clean and clear when touched, and all those distracting back reflections simply disappear.

TAVAT is cheering for Belgium’s national team!

3 May, 2012 - Millennium Optical & TAVAT Eyewear Launch Party

When: May 3rd, 2012. From 4pm - 7pm.
Where: 1545 Hand Avenue
             Orlando, FL
             T (386) 677-2100          

15 April, 2012 - TAVAT's


Elegant Eyewear, Perceivable to the touch!

TAVAT unveils its timeless, tasteful collection: Tactile.

TAVAT continues to combine aesthetic, refinement with functional elements. Once again, TAVAT has engineered iconic functional hardware; however, this time TAVAT focuses on Italian elegance to tell their story.

The beautiful lake region of Northern Italy has inspired this collection. The natural and architectural beauty of the region offers classic images of Italy: balconies over blue water, sleepy cobblestone villages and stone cottages, secluded gardens and exotic flora.

Dramatic scenery and breath-taking surroundings makes this not only a popular destination but also inspires personal discovery and reflection.

Tactile reflects these unique qualities and is exclusively intended those who appreciate such emotion. Tactile’s color palette is inspired by textures and hues found in nature and each name recalls a popular village located around the lakes.

Italy, “La Bella Vita,” is about quality of life, enjoyment, indulgence, exploration, and one’s response to the simple, and natural beauty found in everything.

Tactile offers luxurious eyewear characterized by minimal design, magnificent beauty, and most importantly, originality.

TAVAT speaks to those who love living life to the full, appreciate quality in products used everyday, knowing that it’s beauty and fascination are not short-lived and will endure for years to come.

15 April, 2011 - TAVAT announces today that they are the eyewear supporters for the


One sailing trip with One captain and One crew. One departure date : the 25th of April. One destination : New York City. One purpose : to globally symbolize Italian excellence and to stylize a document titled "7 mosse per l’Italia," which is to be consigned to the General Console in New York City upon their arrival.

The captain: Giovanni Soldini , famous for winning the solo around–the–world regatta at the turn of the century. The crew: 23 of Italy’s most influential personalities, from sailors to actors, from writers to chefs, all join together to discuss the future of Italy while embarking on this trans-Atlantic journey. One modern “round table,” only the table is the sail and the surrounding walls have been replaced by a seemingly endless horizon in all directions. One documented journey through each one’s innate cultural past as they are each invited to brainstorm, offer insight, discuss and realize the potential for Italy’s future.

Each individual is encouraged to speak their mind, and propose topics of personal importance in which they consider to be important to their country. The boat symbolizes Italian excellence and is equipped with a series of products which represent the excellence in both wine and food for Italy. Adhering to strict monetary budgets for food, master chefs are challenged to fish and prepare dishes for the whole crew.

The voyage, sponsored by Eataly’s founder: Oscar Farinetti, will begin the 25th of April and depart from the Port of Genova and will journey to New York City in a well-calculated, weather permitting trip, stopping in 3 locations along the way and finally arriving in NYC on the 2nd of June. Anyone can follow their voyage, through their website: www.7mosse.it in which they will be documenting their experiences and sharing photos.

TAVAT is honored to be the eyewear supporter for this voyage. All participants will be wearing frames from our recently launched collection: marée .  Marée features light, robust, aero-dynamic frames designed, with the needs of watersport enthusiast in mind, all featuring our TLT: Melanin Polarized PLUS lenses.

TAVAT wishes everyone on board a safe journey.

Viva Italia !

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