Pilot Testimonials

Mark Rubin, MD, FACS
Collection: AIRMAN


Dr. Rubin is an ophthalmic physician and surgeon based out of central-Florida who spends his leisure time piloting his Turbo Aztec. He also enjoys scuba diving, cooking and good music.

Some of his impressive credentials include being a Senior Aviation Medical Examiner for both the FAA (US) and CAA (UK), and he is authorized by the E.A.S.A for all classes of medical certification.

His practices are located in Ormond Beach and Palm Coast.

TAVAT is so appreciative to have Dr. Rubin be a part of our community.

“Not only do I get great vision and comfort from my glasses, TAVAT's Melanin formula gives me peace of mind in knowing that my eyes are protected from UV and harmful HEV light as well.”

Greg Arnette
Collection: AIRMAN


Designer and Founder of Arnette Sunglasses

“As a pilot and designer performance and function are essential aspects of all equipment and when combined with clean, simple yet  pure form makes for perfect interaction.

TAVAT Airman meet these demands and more when flying my NOTAR. No matter what the mission, my Airman fit comfortably under my helmet,  help greatly with visual definition, protect my eyes, stay clean and keep unwanted reflections from disturbing me.

TAVAT Airman have become essential flying equipment.”

William Dunn, MD, FACS, CHE
Collection: AIRMAN


Dr. Dunn is an ophthalmologist based out of central-Florida who spends his free time in the air, piloting his Citation. He enjoys island-hopping, snowboarding the western ski slopes and participating in a variety of ocean going sports.

With already an incredibly long list of lifetime achievements to his name, his credentials range from: membership the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the Florida Retina Institute, and the American College of Surgeons. He has served America as a thirty year Colonel in the US Air Force and was awarded Command Flight Surgeon of the Year! He has participated in several international charity eye missions including three in India, two in the Dominican Republic, and one with Rotary International in Grenada.

TAVAT is honored to have Bill on board and a part of our flying community

"The clarity and contrast provided by the lenses enhances aviation safety enabling the pilot to see and avoid traffic conflicts and also sharpens detail in the takeoff and landing environment."

Alberto Cioffi
Collection: AIRMAN


12,000 Flight Hours | Private Business Jet Pilot

"Flying on long-haul routes, for over 12 hours at an elevated level of flying, my TAVAT Ace II with Melanin Lenses offer the best protection for my eyes and always an optimal view of the sky and for reading the LCD instruments."

Whitney Coyle
Collection: AIRMAN


Whitney Coyle is currently working for the WarBird restoration facility: American Aero Services.

What does this mean? He is trained in renovating vintage military aircraft, military vehicles, armour and missiles.

His involvement with the past has given him great forward-thinking insight and has resulted in many modern-day innovations.

Whitney, we’re delighted to have you a part of the TAVAT Community.

"Being both a pilot and a mechanic, long hours on the ramp can put a toll on my eyes.  The Tavat Airman gives me the protection and comfort I need." 

Adam Wright
Collection: AIRMAN


Adam Wright is a true aviation enthusiast. As a commercial airline pilot, Adam is incredibly busy going hub-to-hub.

In his free time, he can still be found at the airports capturing incredibly stunning aviation photos. Please take a look at the aviation photography found throughout TAVAT’s website because they highlight only some of Adam’s work!

We are very happy to have Adam a part of our team!

"I can’t speak from decades of experience in the left seat of a wide-body jetliner. But I know it didn’t take me decades to realize that my eyes need proper protection. The safety of my students, passengers, and cargo depend on my eyes’ ability to scan inside and outside the aircraft as conditions change during flight. My TAVAT’s, with their slim lightweight design and state of the art lens design give me that ability. Whether I’m flying in a general aviation single engine or turning fan blades at work, having the pair of TAVAT sunglasses in my flight case keeps me ready for anytime the sun is up!"

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