The Inspiration for Tactile

The beautiful lake region of Northern Italy has inspired this collection. The natural and architectural beauty of the region offers classic images of Italy: balconies over blue water, sleepy cobblestone villages and stone cottages, secluded gardens and exotic flora.

Dramatic scenery and breath-taking surroundings makes this not only a popular destination but also inspiring personal discovery and reflection.

Tactile reflects these unique qualities and is exclusively intended for those who appreciate such emotion. Tactile’s color palette is inspired by textures and hues found in nature and each name recalls a popular village located around the lakes.

Italy, “La Bella Vita,” is about quality of life, enjoyment, indulgence, exploration, and one’s response to the simple, and natural beauty found in everything.

Tactile offers luxurious eyewear characterized by minimal design, magnificent beauty, and most importantly, originality.

TAVAT speaks to those who love living life to the full, appreciate quality in products used everyday, knowing that it’s beauty and fascination are not short-lived and will endure for years to come.

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