Tactile: Luxury With a Response


Luxury With a Response

What is luxury today?

An extraordinary journey between products and experiences: celebrating the most precious of beauty, adhering to the highest performance standards, and allowing for the most exclusive creations.

The Tactile Collection was founded on improving upon the generic and repetitive. With the development of the original hinge by our designer Norman Schureman, our Tactile Hinge gives our frames a uniqueness found nowhere else experienced in eyewear. As the word suggests, “tactile” means perceivable to the touch, thus beckoning for an interaction of the senses, giving each frame a voice of its own, adding to their personality and individuality.

We compare our Tactile hinge to the engines of supercars. Every engine has a unique sound defining the car as well as the heart of the brand.

Our Tactile hinge is no different... due to its individual sound and feeling from the clicks of one Tactile frame to that of the next. Having this extra sensory relation to the frame is what sets us apart from the competition, and ultimately leaves TAVAT with a timeless imprint within our industry. 


tac·tile [tak-til, -tahyl]


1. of, pertaining to, endowed with, or affecting the sense of touch.

2. perceptible to the touch; tangible.


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